Artificial Intelligence

Mankind is on the verge of yet another revolution. With the vast amount of data amassed as a result of the digital revolution, there are great expectations from the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The difference between revolutions before and this one is that the developing world inherited ideas from a certain section of the globe. It required those resources, those mechanisms, and those experts to get an idea going in this part of the world. Most of the revolutions were need-based, for instance, the idea was to improve the standard of living and reliance on animals. The digital revolution is pushing the boundaries of mankind itself and transferring the said data into robotics.

It is imperative that countries catch up with this revolution because all it requires is the understanding of the digital space. Countries like Pakistan can also benefit immensely from this new revolution. The global capitalist markets are saturated due to the lack of innovations in other fields, which results in tech companies being the most lucrative revenue generators. Pakistan, at this point, has a lot of young population. If they are directed towards this development, there is a great chance that the Pakistani economy can be on its road towards improvement.

President Arif Alvi, recognising this development, has introduced the President’s Initiative on Artificial Intelligence and Computing. The programme this year will enrol 100,000 students. If this initiative materialises according to the plan, it is highly possible that Pakistanis will not only have command over existing software but will also be able to compete with the global market. This can ensure that we also play our part in the development and are not just limited to inheriting ideas and technologies.

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