Rescue 1122 advises precautionary measures to avoid gas explosions

Rawalpindi –   Rescue-1122 advised the residents to properly switch off gas appliances before going to bed to avoid risks of fire and casualties.

According to District Emergency Officer (DEO), Rescue-1122, Rawalpindi Dr Abdul Rehman, the residents before going to bed should ensure that the room heaters are properly switched off and the gas valve is closed to avoid leakages.

He said that the people use gas heaters in airtight rooms during the winter season which could lead to death due to the absence of adequate fresh oxygen intake. He advised adopting precautionary measures during winter to avoid gas explosions.

There was need for launching an awareness campaign among people about safety measures as every year in winter, there are reports of casualties due to incidents of gas explosions caused by gas leakage from appliances, mostly from substandard portable gas heaters.

As many as 46 gas explosions were reported in different areas of Rawalpindi district during last winter, he added.

The people know little about how to detect gas leakage, what to do in case of fire and how to provide immediate medical assistance to the burn victims before shifting them to a hospital. “If there is smell of gas inside your room or shop, then don’t smoke or strike a match, don’t turn on a light, don’t operate any electrical appliance, don’t use a flashlight or lighter and leave the place immediately. The people should turn off the main gas valve, if possible, leave the doors open, call the gas or Rescue personnel”.


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