Medicine culture in hospitals

It has become a common thing in hospitals, that a majority of hospitals promote unnecessary medicines which are not related to the diseases. Most of doctors failed to point out the afflictions from which the patients are effected. However, recently, in Kech hospital Turbat, a patient who was one of the residents of Punjgoor became unconscious. Unfortunately, two days, doctors were giving medicines to the patient. What is surprising is that doctors themselves did not know that what is the cause of illness. The patient who was suffering from a deadlier pain, non of the doctors in Kech hospital seek flourishing solutions to control the patient’s trouble. The problem was in stomach, but doctors considered that in kidneys.

People come from rural areas to cities hospitals with the aim to fade away from the diseases. Painfully, Turbat’s doctors are abominable which seems disappointing. They do not know how to behave with the patients. The provincial government needs to look into this matter and punish the doctors who played with the lives of people. Is there anyone who can give us justice?


Turbat, January 10.

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