Soft power

In the era of the digitalized global village, soft power diplomacy is more effective than hard power, which is coercive in its nature. Similarly, soft power is a useful tool to gain the end goals, by changing and more importantly shaping the public opinion in the direction that favours the most.

Joseph Nye of the Harvard University views the soft power as the best propaganda is not propaganda. He further explains soft power as the means to success in the world of politics. And very kind of tactics are tried to gain vote and support in India prior to the Lok Sabah elections that are schedule to hold between April and May 2019. Movies are a kind of the soft power that do have exerting force and one can understand from the phenomenon from the names of the movies that are to be released before the election months. The movies are: The accidental prime minister, a biopic on the tenure of ex-congress PM in India. Thackeray, another biopic on the political struggle of hardcore Hindu, founder of Shiv Sena Bal Keshav Thackeray. The Uri Surgical strikes so-called strikes they say, conducted in Pakistan that even many Indians deny. And finally, the Gandhi murder.

There cannot be that much coincidence on the content and the releasing dates of the movies, which is heated-debate these days in India, presenting somewhat similar atmosphere of Pakistan’s General elections before the launch of Reham Khan’s book.


Larkana, January 10.

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