Speakers urge revival of Sir Syed’s ideology of education

wah cantt  –   Participants of the third board of governors of Sir Syed education foundation of Pakistan on Monday call upon the revival of ideology of education of greatest Muslim reformer and statesman of the 19th century, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in true spirit to get the nation out from clutches of illiteracy, ignorance and intolerance.  

The participants including from different fields of life including education, social, cultural, religious, economical, welfare and philanthropist sector have urged the need to equip the youth of the country to meet the challenges at educational, ideological, social and cultural fronts.

The board of governors session which was held at local hotel was presided over by Dr Sarfarz Khan, Patron area study centre University of Peshawar. The event was also attended by Professor Tahir Durrani President Sir Syed education foundation, members including  Qazi Zahoor Ul Haq  former Chief education officer district Rawalpindi, General  Election commission of Pakistan former director Raja Ghias Ud Din Balbun, , Information Technology University Lahore Director Of Communications Tahir Parwaz, human rights activist Dr Khalid Aftab Sulehri- and social scientist Dr Shafi Aftab, Urdu department Cadet College Hassanabdal Professor Zia Ul Mustafa, President Founder education foundation Prof Attaur Rehman Chaudhry, Journalist and Writer Zahid Hussain Chaughti, English department University of Wah Prof Nadia Saeed and educationist Captain (retd) Umer Farooq.

The speakers said that it is hard to neglect the importance of Sir Syed’s educational efforts as he was the intellectual pioneer of the theory of nationalism of Pakistan is direct outcome of nationalism which took its roots in 19th century and now ideological doctrine of field of education in the country as he established an institute that imparted modern education to the Muslims focusing on character building. The speakers were of the view that it is open secret that when Muslims ignored education, they were left behind in the world and it is high time to follow the Sir Syed’s ideology and take guidance from his philosophy. 

The speakers further said that it is the need of the hour that we made intellectual efforts in the face of stern opposition from fundamentalists and his detractors sowed the seeds of enlightenment and progress among the Muslims like Sir Syed made at his time.  Speaking on this occasion, Professor Tahir Durrani President Sir Syed education foundation said it is our passion to take this institution to the height that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had dreamed for Muslims of sub continent.


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