Nikki Bella is ‘grateful’ for John Cena

CM LOS ANGELES – Nikki Bella feels ‘’grateful’’ to have former fiancé John Cena in her life. The 35-year-old professional wrestler split with fellow WWE star John just weeks before they were due to get married in Spring last year, and has said that despite their split, they’ve remained on good terms and insisted he’s been an ‘’amazing’’ support system to her. She said: ‘’We’re good … as good as being apart can be. I’ve always been grateful to have John in my life and to have a man like that. He’s an amazing man.

And even through such a hard breakup, he has been truly so amazing.’’ But the ‘Total Bellas’ star doesn’t see herself getting back together with the ‘Blockers’ actor any time soon, as she’s still ‘’having fun’’ with her dating life, including her recent dates with the likes of her former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner Artem Chigvintsev.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ‘’I’m dating, having fun. [Artem] is one of the people that I like to have fun with. He’s a good friend.’’

Her comments come after she previously spoke about enjoying ‘’different experiences’’ when it comes to her dating life, as she insisted she hasn’t been looking for anything ‘’serious’’ just yet.

She said: ‘’I’m having a lot of fun in my dating life. And I’m just kind of having fun just kind of … I don’t want to say playing the field but just kind of having different experiences.

‘’I’m not looking to be serious with anyone right now. I’m just looking to have fun. So I’m just in a fortunate position that I get to go on these dates with a lot of amazing guys. I mean, not a lot. It’s only been a few.’’

Meanwhile, Nikki might not be single for long, as she recently confessed she’d like to keep seeing former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant Peter Kraus, after they enjoyed ‘’one date’’ – which was filmed for ‘Total Bellas’ – together back in October. She said: ‘’It’s just been one date so far. It was in the fall and he was so sweet. One, he’s so handsome – even Brie’s husband [Daniel Bryan] was freaking out for him. And he was so sweet and I would totally go out again, especially, I want to try it without cameras. It was like 10 people staring at me. I totally would go out [with him] again.’’


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