Empowering women with self-defense

In the last 10 years, the ratio of discrimination against women, rape, and sexual harassment cases are increasing gradually in Pakistan. Rape, violence, and discrimination in Pakistan a notable, and continues to be a tool of suppressing the women in the country. And these cases are reported as per low and in the result females commit suicides and were killed by the family members due to the social patriarchal norms of the society.

As Pakistan is a patriarchal norm based country and these norms are very strong and deeply embedded in the socialization of our children. As women are the victims of discrimination and gender-based violence. And women in Pakistan are socialized as the most sensitive creature of the world who is nothing without the support of a male and males are the only their protector. And these males are the only source of their safety outside their homes. Females are socialised as they are unable to take care of themselves. This makes women the weaker creature and a sense of dependency fully inherited in the females by the females of the family.

In 2018 many workshops related to women self-defense were held in Lahore and Karachi and this is the government’s another step to protect the rights of the women of the country.

I believe that if the patterns of socialization of our children change most of the problems of our society can be solved. If women are empowered with self-defense and would be considered compulsory for the socialization of the girls in schools or would be enrolled in the self-defense institutions. Then the ration of rape, discrimination and violence against women could be decreased and it will help to end the gender discrimination and will also enhance the sense of independence in girls and will empower the girls to participate more efficiently in the economy of the country. And this will increase the productivity of the country and will be Pakistan’s step toward development. The time is right to act on this issue in Pakistan. If we do not address violence against women and girls, sustainable growth will remain elusive.


Gujrat, February 3.

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