Pakistani celebs react to LoC airstrikes

LAHORE-Although tensions between India and Pakistan are escalating, most people on this side of the border are least opposed to war and hope that there will be a settlement of peace between both countries.

Pakistani celebrities like Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Fahad Mustafa and many others have publicly denounced the ongoing crisis and hope that things will return to normal as soon as possible.

“There is nothing uglier, nothing more ignorant than cheering for war. May better sense prevail.. Pakistan Zindabad!” tweeted Mahira Khan, Who previously starred with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood film Raees.

Mawra Hocane also took this issue on twitter and wrote: “It is time we understand this as humans. The media needs to take charge and stop being provocative. It’s our duty to inculcate peace and use our words for better; not worse. Praying for peace always,” she posted.

Fahad Mustafa also hoped for peace, saying, “War does not determine who is right…Only who is left. Say no to war.”

Although most wanted peace, some stars reacted strongly. Hamza Ali Abbasi, took to twitter and wrote:  “Balakot, well done, India! Much improvement from the fake ‘surgical strike’ claim. This time, yes IAF aircraft crossed LOC four to six miles at 2:55 am and had to retreat at 2.59 a.m. due to PAF (Pakistan Air Force) scrambling, dropping the load on the way, martyring our trees. But now, Pakistan must retaliate.”

He continued: “Now Indian masses are cheering about killing more than 350 terrorists in Pakistan. 350+ dead and no video, even mobile video/pictures, no satellite pictures, funerals, nothing! No wonder Pakistan is inviting all ambassadors, defence attachés, even Indians to come to the location to see.”

In another tweet Abbasi wrote: “In more than a decade, even USA in Afghanistan couldn’t kill 350 plus jihadis in one go,” the Parwaaz Hai Junoon star added. “Kind of gives you an idea about what Indians think a “terrorist camp” is…Basically, hundreds of terrorists just chilling and hanging out waiting to be massacred. Wow! Slow Clap.”

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt said, “Make no mistake, Pakistan comes first. I stand with my nation, my PM, my people and my country and anyone who is a threat to us will face our wrath. I’m all for peace but if you’re dealing with blind rage and stupidity, then a hard slap on their face is the answer.”

Singer Hadiqa Kiani highlighted the futility of war and wrote in her tweet: “We need peace! We need words! We need to grow and not regress! There is nothing exciting or spectacular about war, we are talking about real human lives.”

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