Tourism industry in Pakistan

Where other countries boom and bust from the world’s thriving tourism industry, Pakistan has been ignoring it at its own peril. This industry efficiently helps a country for speedy and steady inflow of much needed powerful currencies in the national kitty, in addition to articulating a desired narrative in and outside the country. As Pakistan has been passing through a worsening economic crisis, and is also labeled a terror sponsoring country, it can carve a new image for itself if untapped potential of Pakistan’s tourism industry is properly utilized. This is also predicted by the British Backpacker Society that declares Pakistan as “World’s top adventure travel destination,’’ whereas Planet Lonely affirms Pakistan’s tourism industry as the next big thing.

Pakistan is rich in eye-catching scenic beauty. As the place abounds with diverse culture, traditions, historical places, beautiful valleys, attractive tourist spots, beaches, historical civilizations and much more, Pakistan is an ideal travel destination to visit.

Pakistan is home one of the world’s oldest historical civilization that ranges from Mohenjo-Daro, Harapa and Taxila, and these prove to be archaeological allures for many local and foreign tourists to witness the great civilization of all times.

The Mughal era and its archaic architecture has also left its mark on the history of the subcontinent. Monuments like Badshahi mosque, Jahangir tomb, Lahore Fort, Shalimar garden, and the tomb of Nur Jehan are great sources to analyze the realm of the Mughal Empire.

Apart from those manmade memorials, Pakistan is also bestowed with God-gifted lush green valleys that range from Swat, Hunza, Naran and Kaghan, to the heaven on earth, Kashmir. These present soul-serving and mind-healing scenery.

The scenic beauty of Pakistan is also complemented by the beaches of Karachi and Gwadar; those also serve in other domains.

Despite such richness in culture, tradition, historical sites, civilization, beautiful valleys, Pakistan has failed miserably to attract a bulky number of the tourists to the country, whereas our neighbors have done impressively. It is rightly said that Pakistan, while being rich in natural resources, lacks management that would befit the tourism industry, which was earlier marred by terrorism and, in the recent past, the negligence from the successive governments. To take the task by the horns and to boost the tourism industry the present government has to place result-orientated measures. Earlier, certain campaigns like ‘Amazing Pakistan, ‘Visit Pakistan’ were launched but unfortunately, they left the task unaccomplished.

The realization of the importance of the tourism industry by the PTI-led government and the vow to reinvigorate it is a laudable act. In this direction, introducing visa at arrival by the government is an appropriate act to set the tourism industry on the right track, but more acts like these are needed to make Pakistan a first-rate tourist country.


Larkana, February 21.

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