Palace Museum, Huawei join hands on cultural development

BEIJING : The Palace Museum Friday signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese technology firm Huawei on digital construction of the museum.

The museum and Huawei will work together on 5G application, building a “smart museum” and holding artificial intelligence (AI) contests, according to the agreement.

Advanced technology can be used for cultural relics protection and research, and provide more quality services and digital experiences for an increasing audience both on site and online.

“With the help of technology, people will be able to ‘visit’ the Palace Museum at any place in the world,” said museum director Shan Jixiang. “On-site visitors can enjoy faster online services and high-definition videos introducing ancient architecture and cultural relics.”

AI technology will also play a part in cultural relic appraisal and restoration as well as in public education, Shan added.

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