Strings rocking musical season with their electrifying concerts

Lahore-Music is what the youth of our country can relate to the most and it seems like concerts are the new vogue for them, organized frequently in almost every other university across the country.
With all the musical icons pulling off some crazy recitals around the state in this season, Strings remains the favorites of the masses. They have been seen giving mesmerizing performances in a number of concerts, performing before jam-packed crowds, on their old and new melodies across the country. Recently after completing their 30 years of triumph, which was rejoiced by the celebratory album ‘30’, String are now ruling the hearts of the youth by giving thrilling live performances in a number of universities targeting the students. In National University of Science and Technology Islamabad (NUST), Institute of Business management (IoBM), Dow University of Health and Sciences (DUHS).

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