CPO directs police to remain alert against criminals

Rawalpindi-City Police Officer Capt (R) Faisal Rana said that the police must remain alert against the criminals to protect lives and properties of the people from miscreants.
He expressed these views while addressing an open court in Losar Sharfu, Wahh Saddar on Saturday. SP Potohar Division Syed Ali, DC Chauhdry Ali Randhawa, DSP Masood Mazhar and SHOs of police stations Wahh Cantt, Taxila and Saddar Wahh were also present at the event. The CPO said that we do have public support and might of the law on our side to fight against criminals. He said that we must have to win against them.
He said that the contest between the police and the criminals/lawbreakers keeps going on like a T20 cricket match, a one day and sometimes it stretches out like a test match. We must remain ready for any sort of competition by gearing up with adequate kit every time, he said. It is not possible for us to let any of such matches to draw under any circumstance. If that happens, the responsible police officers of such failure will be dealt strictly for incompetence including the major punishment of dismissal from service, he warned.
He said that the law was not feeble or weak, instead, it was to protect and serve the best interest of the week at all times. It is responsibility of the police force to enforce the law, he said. The law is supreme and absolute, and there is no pressure on the Rawalpindi Police except the justice and merit, he said. A sense of law-abiding prevails only when the police stations are ensured to be the peace houses for good people and houses of accountability for lawbreakers, he said.
The DIG said that law had provided incredible powers to the police, and by using that to the benefit of public, we can win against the criminals. The DIG said that if acted strictly as per the vision of the Punjab chief minister and professional policing formula of the IGP, there’s no possibility that any investigation officer under pressure or greed could do wrongdoings by pressing guilty charges on an innocent person or vice versa. Because we will press charges against such a police officer as well and send him to prison along with the criminal, he warned.
A great number of men and women attended the open court, and the CPO Faisal Rana issued immediate directions for redressing their grievances. He said that concerned SDPOs and SHOs were bound to contact him within 48 hours for a follow up in this regard. My office will contact the complainants as well to check if they are satisfied or not. If necessary legal actions are not taken by the filed officers well within the given deadline, they’ll be put to the task for it, he said.

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