Human rights top priority of Sindh govt, says Wahab

KARACHI – Barrister Murtaza Wahab, adviser to Sindh chief minister on information, archives, law and anti-corruption, said on Saturday the government should ensure general public’s participation at all levels to identify the real issues being faced by them.

The adviser said that unification of the government and the general public was in the interest of both people as well as the state. He said this while addressing a seminar on “Engaging Communities for Peace Building” organised by the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research at a hotel on Saturday.

Wahab said that it was the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) that first ensured participation of the civil society in legislation. “The Pakistan People’s Party with the help and suggestions of members of the civil society redrafted the legislation apropos of Police and Prisons,” the adviser added. He said the PPP wanted to make police an independent institution and through the reforms initiated by the Sindh government it had become an independent institution indeed. Reforming the prisons is one of the top priorities of the Sindh government, he said.

The adviser said that the Sindh government had replaced the 1894 legislation of prisons in 2019 with “Sindh Prisons and Corrections Services Bill 2019”. He said that the state’s institutions should be independent and strong as the government was impermanent not the institutions. He said that people were better judge and politicians had to complete five years to prove their credibility and integrity. He said “while benefiting from the opportunity bestowed upon us by God we would leave no stone unturned to initiate legislation aiding the general public as well as making the society a better place to live”.

Wahab said that Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar should stop pretending and do something productive for people of Karachi. He said this while talking to the media persons on Saturday. The adviser said the mayor had the funds to purchase luxury vehicles but when it came to pay the overdue bills of the K-Electric he had nothing in the kitty. He clarified that the Sindh government didn’t want to politicize the water crisis of the metropolitan. He said that MQM being the coalition partners of the federal government should seek 650 MGD of water for Karachi. He said that opposition for the sake of opposition and protests were never solution to any problem.

Wahab said that people of Karachi should hold accountable their mayor for not delivering and asked the mayor to perform rather than talking.

In the meantime, the adviser while addressing a seminar organized by Justice Project Pakistan said that Sindh was the only province in the country which had given top most priority to human rights. He said it was the agenda of Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to devise people-friendly legislation. He said that work with the help of private sector was being done to protect human rights. He said that members of the Public Safety Commission belonged to the private sector. He said the Sindh government through the funds fixed for the poor prisoners was assisting them. Furthermore, he said the Legal Call Centres through the assistance of the Sindh government were providing free of charge services to the deprived people of the province. The adviser said that the federal government needed to follow in the footsteps of the Sindh government while devising legislation for the human rights.


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