Strings latest track ‘Hum Aaye’ gives strong message of unity

LAHORE – Strings’ musical creativity, allure and expertise have been hard to overlook ever since the beginning of the band’s musical journey back in the 90s.

With their distinctive variety of work that spreads out on five studio albums, multiple international film tracks, and four seasons of Coke Studio, their irreplaceable and cheerful sound has won the hearts of millions, laying the foundation of the era of pop-rock in Pakistan.

With famous hits like SarKiyeYehPahar, Duur, NajaneKyun, MeraBichraYar, the band truly took the country by storm with its ground-breaking music.

The iconic pop-rock band is back with another powerful musical masterpiece “Hum Aye” which is the third single from their much awaited studio album ‘30’, marking thirty years of their musical journey.

The powerful upbeat track stays true to the poetic touch that has marked Strings’ music for decades, and the lyrics along with the beat hit you like a fresh breeze on this jam.

The harmony reflects the dynamic duo of Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood’s unmatched musical career in the tumultuous world of Pakistani music; unwavering and euphonious.

Strings has earned a reputation for their melodious tunes and rich sound that has made it stand out in Pakistan’s musical scene, marking it as one of the most significant bands in the country.

With the release of “Hum Aye”, Strings has announced its smashing comeback in true pock-rock fashion.

With heavy guitar riffs by Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia’s deep inimitable vocals, the song radiates positive energy and happy vibes.

Strings reminds its audience that only together and united are we stronger, happier, and more alive. It spreads the message of love and unity – the two pillars that can make you stand strong in front of anything.

 Good music has an essence that brings people together and unites them for a singular reason.

In all the times Strings has come back with new music after short lived breaks, it has managed to stay true to the band’s sound – youthful, with a hint of nostalgia that doesn’t fail to deliver. With “Hum Aye”, Strings have managed to outdo themselves once again.


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