Celebs pledge support to Clean Green Pakistan

KARACHI-The month of August has been no less than catastrophic for the residents of Karachi. Being one of the dirtiest metropolitan cities in Pakistan, with mounds and mounds of garbage littering every corner of its streets, Karachi has suffered terribly at the hands of its authorities, as well as its residents.
Add to those mountains of trash all the urban flooding caused by the recent unusually torrential monsoon rains in Karachi, the Eid ul Azha sacrifices right after, and the consequent infestation of flies and insects – and we have on our hands a complete disaster in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.
What is notable however, is how people have finally started questioning the reason why this calamity has come across our paths.
Including celebrities and opinion leaders like Fahad Mustafa, Deepak Parwani, Waseem Badami and many others, people are now highlighting why we are even in this situation in the first place.
While Fahad Mustafa has been making all efforts with ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ to spread the word the need to educate the people on how much their own harmful actions are adding to this misfortune as at an all-time high.
The equation is pretty simple: the more garbage there is, the more diseases that are spread; the more irresponsible we are towards our surroundings, the worse consequences our lack of ownership will lead to.
This is exactly what we are witnessing in real time today with the alarming state of ‘kachra’(garbage) in Karachi (people have started calling it ‘KACHRAchi’ instead) and the rampant spread of malaria, typhoid, and other diseases.
Although we love playing the blame game, the fact of the matter is, that the citizens of Karachi on their own often fail to prioritize the level of cleanliness and hygiene in the country, nor do they ever express the same kind of care and ownership for it as they do for their residences.
It is a fault in our own behavioral patterns as a society that needs a massive revolution to tackle this problem at hand.
The message of Hoga Saaf Pakistan has been seen in different projects that they have implemented over the past few months to bring to light the need for a cleaner, greener Pakistan, in support of the Government’s Clean and Green Pakistan movement.
Hoga Saaf Pakistan has carried out plantation drives, cleanathon activities, clean public bathroom installations, conferences with opinion leaders, as well as using mainstream media to spread awareness on how this problem can slowly and gradually be tackled.
They also have recruited Fahad Mustafa as their ambassador for the purpose of influencing his fans and followers to become more responsible citizens of Pakistan.
‘Mil ke lagayenge jaan, toh Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ carries a very deep meaning to it – stop with the blaming and the shaming, and do what you on your own can do to clean up your surroundings. Refuse to accept that plastic straw on your next visit to a fast food restaurant.

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