Pak documentary Knitted Beliefs wins three awards

Lahore PR – “Knitted Beliefs”, a Pakistani short documentary film on interfaith harmony, has been screened at as many as 14 film festivals across the globe and has bagged three local and international awards and two nominations since its global release in 2018. The 15-minute documentary by filmmaker Salman Alam Khan brings to light a unique and heartwarming reality of interfaith harmony in Pakistan through the story of a small neighbourhood in Karachi, called Narayanpura, where Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims have all been living together in peace and harmony for several decades. The film was produced and first released in collaboration with Sikhlens at The World’s Premier Sikh Film Festival held in the USA in November 2018.

Since then, the film has bagged two international awards for the “Best Documentary” at Buddha International Film Festival 2019 and the Lake View International Film Festival (May 2019) in India. It has also won the prize for the “3rd Best Documentary” at PTV’s Green Belief Film Festival and was aired nationwide on PTV. Moreover, the film has been screened at international film festivals in various countries across the world, including the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil and Portugal. In total, it has been screened at 16 film festivals so far and there are more upcoming international screenings in the pipeline.


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