The 5th Generation War, Kashmir issue and ISPR

Pakistan is going through a transformation phase and is facing many challenges. The regime change from the corrupt mafia to a relatively inexperienced Khan has brought about many new openings and challenges for Pakistan. Pakistan is fighting a long war not on just the territorial front but on the information front. The 5th Generation war is real and there has been a stern campaign to malign Pakistan’s image. The media of Pakistan was warned of the war by the DG ISPR who also outlined the plan to counter this war by showing the positive image of Pakistan. The role of ISPR has been very encouraging and it has engaged media on national front and used the utilities at its disposal in service of Pakistan. Let it be the campaign led by media across the border against Pakistan or the issue of Kashmir, ISPR has emerged as a model institution in light of these recent events defending Pakistan’s narrative and exposing the enemies of humanity and Pakistan to world.

The role of ISPR has been unprecedented in creating a strong narrative for Pakistan. The credit goes to Major General Asif Ghafoor and the team of ISPR who have strategically fought the information war. ISPR has been not only been able to defend to the image of Pakistan but also highlight the positive image of Pakistan by engaging citizens on social media. ISPR was up for the task to counter Indian mass propaganda post Pulwama incident. The DG ISPR’s calculated words represent the potential of the Pakistan army and it was evident on 27th February when Indian Air force’s MiG-21 was downed by PAF. It was DG ISPR who had warned India of any misadventure which eventually got a befitting reply on the 27th February. ISPR was able to show the world and global media the incompetence of IAF and how Pakistan acted responsibly. The Kashmir issue is unlike any other issue in the recent years. The Pakistani nation resonates with the feelings of the people of Indian occupied Kashmir who are under lockdown by the fascist Indian government. The Government of Pakistan and the armed forces are running a global campaign to highlight the plight of Kashmiris to the world. Pakistan is fighting a strategic information war and is winning it.

The issue of Kashmir is a sensitive one and involves Human rights violation in IoK. The government of Pakistan at diplomatic level has engaged many different countries to build a narrative that benefit the cause of Kashmir. Whereas the armed forces via ISPR have shown their resolve to fight till the last drop of blood for Kashmir if need be. Whereas DG ISPR has used his personal social media to highlight the situation in IoK which has had a far reaching effect. Major General Asif Ghafoor has used ISPR to build a narrative that has been taken up by the international media and the sane voices side with Pakistan. It is because of his engagement that he has earned heroic reputation even across border in IoK where posters carrying his pictures in support of Pakistan army were pasted in Srinagar. Indian mainstream media was bothered by the social media support garnered by the ISPR in the narrative building. It will not be wrong to say that harmony between the government and state institution has brought a uniformed narrative for people of Kashmir. India has cut off basic source of communication in Jammu and Kashmir so truth cannot come out but the world is witness to a fascist regime. The people of Kashmir deserve their basic rights and freedom. Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir involves the right to Kashmiris for self-determination. This is possible by making the Plebiscite in Kashmir possible as per the UN resolution. The abrogation of article 370 by the Indian government has led to a hostile security situation in the region which won’t beneficial for the oppressors in IoK.

The issue in Kashmir has been unreal and the role of Pakistan government and its armed forces is worthy of praise. Pakistan has never seen such harmony between the government and its army which is a good sign for its future. The Pakistan armed forces attitude has seen major shift post Musharaf’s era. The COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa engages with young people telling them democracy is the way forward for Pakistan. The DG ISPR has played an important role in the defending the image of Pakistan and raising a human rights issue in Kashmir. Pakistan remains active in fighting the 5th generation war and successfully advocating the issue of Kashmir issue. ISPR has emerged as a leading institution in the past few years and a success story. It is the due to the success of ISPR and its role that Indian armed forces are now forming their ISPR. Pakistan is taking the step in the right direction and is headed towards something good.

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