Call for ‘Zainab Alert Bill’ be made in all provinces

LAHORE    –    Welcoming ‘Zainab Alert Bill’ for checking child abuse in Islamabad Capital Territory, child rights activists have demanded legislate in all provinces.  Provincial Coordinator Child Rights Movement-Punjab Muhammad Waqas Abid stressed the need for making collective efforts to save innocent children from harassment and abuse.

Speaking at a workshop arranged on Monday, he rang alarms over increasing incidents of kidnapping, rape and murder of minor children, both male and female.

Waqas Abid, a lawyer dealing with criminal cases, said that the provinces should follow the federal government in making law to deal with the heinous crime of child abuse. “Zainab Alert is an exemplary move. There should be uniformity in dealing with the child abuse cases across the country. Provinces could adopt the same with minor need based amendments”, he said, adding, legislation was the first step to create safe environment for the future of the country. He also urged the media to play due role for raising awareness among parents about safety and security of their children.

“Parents should be apprised about measures to save their kids from the hands of animals roaming in the garb of humans. Proper attention of parents and people in close vicinity could save children from abuse. Media has an important role to play in this regard”, he said.

Waqas Abid also expressed concerns over Police apathy in denying the parents rights of registration of a case.

“The available data is not reflective of the actual situation. Huge number of incidents are not reported due to Plice attitude”, he said.

Joint Coordinator Good Thinkers Organization Ms Nida Aslam stressed the need of prevention of child sexual abuse through Life Skills Based Education at public/private schools, madaras and orphanages. She also demanded establishing specific police units at district level, linking them with hospitals for medico legal facilities for CSA related cases.





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