N Peal launching James Bond collection

LOS ANGELES-James Bond has inspired a new collection from N. Peal.
The British cashmere brand have taken inspiration from all the incantations of 007, from the first spy Sir Sean Connery to current Bond Daniel Craig, as they think the character’s ‘’understated’’ style perfectly suits their own ‘’aesthetic’’.
Owner Adam Holdsworth told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘’Everybody has their favourite Bond. ‘’He’s not a flashy guy. He’s always smartly dressed but slightly understated. ‘’We’re not a fashion brand; we’re about style and a timeless aesthetic.’’
The collection includes a waistcoat and tie in the style of Sean’s ‘Goldfinger’ outfits, a knit bomber jacket and turtleneck similar to those worn by George Lazenby in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, Timothy Dalton’s sweater and checked scarf from ‘The Living Daylights’, a chunky turtleneck like Pierce Brosnan’s ‘Die Another Day’ piece, a diamond-quilted vest with leather patches – the most expensive in the range at $690 – and marl sweater inspired by Sir Roger Moore in ‘For Your Eyes Only’, and a cashmere crewneck to match one warn by Daniel in ‘Skyfall’. Adam said: ‘’We went back in the archives going back to Sean Connery. Everyone’s got their favourite Bond, so we wanted to cover all the actors.
‘’Then it was about picking images that we felt would best translate into cashmere and having a breadth of interest there, from smaller pieces like a tie, a hat or gloves but also middle-weight pieces and then the bigger heavier chunkier things…

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