Safe City CCTVs made functional

ISLAMABAD-Islamabad administration has successfully managed to remove all major malfunctioning in the CCTV cameras of Safe City Project to keep the JUI-F protest safe and unthreatened.
The Safe City Project was working on an urgent basis to remove the malfunctioning corrupting the CCTV cameras. Many of the CCTV cameras had glitches and some were not even working. However, now the cameras are up to the mark showing no problem at all.
In an exclusive talk on Friday, Safe City Project Director General Mr. Sarfaraz Falki told The Nation, “All the malware corrupting the CCTV cameras has been removed. Our management has successfully oriented the task of making the city safe and secure before the arrival of JUI-F protesters and all the cameras are on perfect conditions.”
DG SCP also marked that the main entries and exits of the capital were also secured as every CCTV camera there was fully operational. “The CCTV cameras on main entries and exits are up to the mark and working properly,” Mr. Falki told.
While explaining entries and exits, DG SCP further elaborated that he was uncertain about the local alternative routes connecting the city with outer areas as the CCTV project does not cover every street or local route, only the main entries or exits.
The Safe City Project was initiated under the PPP government in 2010 at the cost of Rs8 billion, after the bomb attack at Marriot Hotel.
At the start, the project was majorly in the hands of HUAWEI as they were the installers and needed to supervise its functioning until it reaches perfection. The complete handover of the project to NADRA was done in May 2019. Later, in the start of June 2019, the project was finally given in the hands of Islamabad Police which are still operating it.

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