‘Raat Shabnami’ by Strings – The futuristic song will take you back in time

The biggest music news for us recently has been the comeback of Strings with their album “30” to mark 30 years of music, success, and the love they have received from all over the world. Strings has given the kind of songs that have stayed in our hearts for years, becoming a big part of all the fond memories. Songs like Duur, Dhaani, Sir Kiye Ye Pahaar, and many more are decade-old song, and yet they are still everyone’s favorite.

Their album 30 brings back the best of Strings, ending with the eighth and final single “Raat Shabnami”. The video of the song is produced by Anomaly Films, directed by Yasir Jaswal and the lyrics are penned down by Anwar Maqsood. The music video stars the gorgeous Mahenur Haider in a classic bob cut with pink hair, looking fit for the psychedelic and funky concept.

The video hooks the audience right from the beginning, as it starts with glimpses of old PTV footage, reminding the fans of the time when Strings was formed, creating an essence of nostalgia as the fans reminisced about those golden days.  

The video then opens up to Karachi in 2088, where future has become highly advanced with flying cars and state-of-the-art technology. The florescent lighting on a techno beat, the hint of rock and roll, and the poetic lyrics delivered the essence of the band that has conquered hearts with its simple music.

What’s astonishing about the song is the fact that it is set in the future, yet it takes you back to the good old days when Strings’ songs used to be on everyone’s lips. Raat Shabnami was certainly magical in this regard; the nostalgic beats and the captivating rhythms of the music had the perfect combination making the song poetic as well as sentimental for the fans.

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