Bridal Couture Week concludes

LAHORE-The three-day 17th edition of HUM Bridal Couture Week concluded with glamour, quality fashion and latest bridal trends.

The final day also witnessed high end celebrities on the ramp as showstoppers for the country’s top and burgeoning designers. Every couturier presented their best of bridal lehengas, exaggerated gowns, risque blouses, experimental sarees & basically everything that fits the new-age bride’s tastes.

Here are the glimpses from Day3 BCW:



Shamsha Hashwani


Designer Shamsha Hashwani brought out the best of Pakistani heritage through her colourful lehengas embroidered with Vedic chants & left us all smitten. A lot of Eastern silhouettes that depicted art and architecture dominated the collection. It was one of the most cohesive and memorable collection of the night.



Umsha by Uzma Babar


Using rich fabrics such as such as tissue with a hint of net, texturing and detailing, the collection of Umsha by Uzma Babar was designed to be a celebration of Pakistani handcrafted workmanship. The intricately embroidered patterns on rich fabrics reflect the modernity of this collection and the ensembles.





SOUCHAJ collection focused to promote the Pakistani culture and traditions through fashion, with classic handwork, timeless silhouettes, luxe fibres & exotic colours. Singer Bilal Saeed performed on the stage as showstopper and win hearts of the fashion enthusiasts. Actress Sumbhal Iqbal also graced the ramp as showstopper.




Ahsan Menswear


Ahsan’s menswear collection stood out for its simple yet regal look. Classic Sherwani’s in black, blue, ivory and grey were the main highlight of the collection.



Reema Ahsan


Reema Ahsan collection ‘Madhubala’ redefined the beauty of heritage with a modern touch. The collection was breathtaking in terms of design, structure, technique and embellishment.



House of Mehdi


House of Mehdi creations were ideal for the modern brides bearing shades of gold, ivory, peach, pink, reds and green. The collection strikes the right kind of festive chords with perfect mood and colour palette. The collection overall was wearable and much apprecited by all.




Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry presented their debut bridal wear collection that fuses vintage glam with contemporary aesthetics so that the girl takes her fond memories on her new journey. Inspired by French beading, Constellation and Japanese cut stones with soft pastel colour pallets on delicate fabrics like tulle and organza, their debut collection “La Vie En Rose” was all about contemporary and bold cut lines to create that magical effect.


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