Pakistani expat wins Dh20 million Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle

DUBAI-The New Year has started in the best possible way for Sharjah-based resident Muhammad Shahzad Hassan. The Pakistani expat just got richer by Dh20 million after winning the biggest-ever Big Ticket Abu Dhabi ‘Mighty 20 Million Series 211’ draw.
However, when Richard, who rings up the jackpot winner, called Hassan it led to a funny episode for the thousands of aspirants in the crowd. Hassan, naturally, couldn’t believe his luck. When Richard asked “What are you doing at the moment,” Hassan replied: “It’s none of your business. May I know who’s on the line?”
More questions followed but Hassan was uninterested and suspected it to be prank call. Surprisingly, Hassan wasn’t sure about the biggest-ever prize money either. “I think it was 12, 15, I am not sure.”
As the conversation dragged on Richard had a tough time convincing Hassan that he is the actual winner. “Don’t tell me it’s me,” Hassan said in utter disbelief. “Are you kidding me? I need something to trust you boss. I am not at home. It could be a prank call.”
Even as thousands of crowd shouted Dh20 milllion, Hassan was still skeptical. “Oh my God! But I still don’t believe you. I can’t say anything as this could be a prank call. I am still confused. Let me think,” he said and disconnected the call.
When called again, Hassan sounded more relaxed and confident by hearing the constant cheers from the crowd. By this time, he knew that his ticket number 629524 has brought him luck.
“I am standing on the beach. You want me to jump into the sea,” he told Richard ending another interesting call made to winners who never chose to agree and believe that they are overnight millionaires. The next draw for Dh12 million will be held on February 3 at the arrivals area of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Last month a Filipina nurse living in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi for the last eight years won Dh 12 million Big Ticket draw.
Anabelle Manalastas Dela Cruz, 33, from Central Luzon in Philippines was named as the winner of the bumper prize money of Dh12 million. It was the turn of an Indian worker in November. Sreenu Nair who works as a technical worker in Dubai won Dh15 million.

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