Strings concludes celebration for 30yrs of epic musical Journey

KARACHI-Strings has recently released their most-awaited and last music track ‘Raat Shabnami’ for the album “30”, and its surely a very upbeat and uplifting song.
To start with, the beat of the song is very groovy, which is quite a different kind of a taste, but after all its Strings, and they never fail to surprise us.
The song is filled with funky pop music, with Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood’s mesmerizing voice, taking you to a whole other dimension.
The song’s lyrics talk about the whole music journey Strings have led until now, giving us quality music as always. Talking about the video, it starts off with some old memorable moments, reminding the fans about Strings’ formation 30 years ago.
The video then jumps to 2088, and pop music starts playing in the background, announcing Strings’ arrival. A young girl is wandering in awe, looking at everything and then she suddenly finds Bilal and Faisal’s holographic, remembering their past, and their musical journey. The video has a very different and funky kind of a vibe, with all purple and blue lighting.
The song reminds you of Strings’ past, giving off a hint of nostalgia and leaving you emotional, where Faisal Kapadia is sitting in front of many screens, and each of the screens is playing famous music videos of Strings’ songs. It is definitely one of the most sentimental parts of the whole music video for the dedicated fans. With this song, the Album 30 is completed, marking and celebrating the thirty successful years of Strings.
This band is surely special for everyone with some fond childhood memories attached to their music. Strings has always been up to our expectations when it comes to music. They have managed to retain their simple charm all these years, and their music always leaves you feeling a different kind of a way, and that feeling is incomparable.

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