Indian govt imposes restrictions on media after anti-Muslim clashes in Dehli

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attempted to gag media amid deadly violence in New Delhi that has killed nearly 20 people in the last three days.

The move came as 17 people were killed and hundreds injured in a day of anti-Muslim violence by Hindu supremacist mobs in New Delhi over protests on a controversial citizenship law that has been deemed discriminatory toward Muslims.

While the US President Donald Trump was on a two-day visit to hold talks with Modi, pictures and videos from the affected areas showed horrific scenes forcing the authorities to issue directives to the media.

According to the reports, the Indian government has instructed news channels that they must be cautious about airing content that incited violence and promoted anti-national attitudes. 

Fresh violence tore through northeast Delhi on Tuesday, taking the death toll in the communal clashes over the amended citizenship law to 17, reported by Indian media. 

“It is hereby reiterated that all TV channels are advised to be particularly cautious with regard to any content which is likely to encourage or incite violence, or contains anything against the maintenance of law and order or which promotes anti-national attitudes,” the advisory said. 

The advisory also impressed upon private channels to be cautious of content that contains attack on religious or communities or visuals or words contemptuous of religions groups or which promote communal attitudes.

It also cautioned against content that may carry “defamatory, deliberate, false and suggestive innuendos and half truths”. The advisory asked channels to ensure that no content is telecast which is violative of the Programme and Advertising Codes as prescribed in the Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act, 1995.

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