Economic situation incapable of national lockdown: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that economic situation is incapable of national lockdown.

Addressing  the countrymen on government strategy and current development with regards to the global coronavirus pandemic,  he said that a lockdown is not being considered as 25% population of Pakistan is below the poverty line who cannot survive if a 14-day closure of the country occurs.

Detailing the lockdown, curfew situation, the premier said that the situation requires armed forces and other security personnel patrolling streets, roadways and alleyways and forceful isolation of the masses which he does not want.

The premier said that people should self-isolate and self-quarantine, act responsibly rather than taking the coronavirus seriously.

PM Imran Khan stressed on the need for social distancing and said that the government is trying to instil that sense of responsibility into the nation so that within the country’s extremely limited resources, those really worthy and in need of coronavirus tests and hospitals may access them.

Imran Khan implored repeatedly that the nation must and should act with extreme caution and take the dangerous threat of coronavirus seriously.

The premier also said that he has faith in the nation and their resolve against such calamities as they have shown during times of national distress in the past.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that there shouldn’t be panic among the masses, the country has enough agricultural reserves and should not fret over possible civil unrest or food shortages.

PM Khan reiterated his strict stance on hoarders and profiteers and said anyone found involved in the practice will be punished severely in times of global crisis.


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