Huge gatherings avoided at majority mosques in capital

ISLAMABAD-Majority of the mosques in the Islamabad city on Friday remained empty after they followed government’s directives of avoiding a huge gathering.However, few big mosques including Lal Masjid were heavily crowded despite the government ban.
The Islamabad administration before the Friday prayer time had closed all the entry and exit points leading towards the Faisal Mosque and this was the reason that the number of worshipers at Faisal Mosque remained limited. However, the administration failed to stop gathering of people in Lal Masjid as hundreds of masses attended the Friday prayer there.
A number of clerics in the city ignored the decree issued by“Darul Afta” of the ‘Pakistan Ulema Council’ (PUC) and ‘Wafaqul Madaris Pakistan,’ as it was advised to avoid Urdu speeches during Friday prayers while a reasonable number of clerics followed the government directive and asked the people to remain at homes.
Meanwhile, the police also arrested Maulana Abdul Rauf from Chatta Bakhtawar after he tried to gather a large number of people in amosque for attending the Friday prayer.
A divide among the religious clerics was also witnessed as some of the clerics were asking the people to remain at homes while the rest were forcing them for attending the Friday prayer at mosques.
The common citizens in capital also ignored the decree and the preventive directives from the government and hundreds of citizens rushed to mosques.
The decree issued by PUC had said that Sunnah of all five prayers should be performed at homes in order to avoid the possible threat of outbreak of virus.
Moreover, in majority of mosques there was no proper system of any sanitizer nor the carpets were folded. However, some of the mosques came up with completely following the directive and SOPs were completely adopted.
Meanwhile, President Arif Alvi offered Salaat u Tauba along with Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser and Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani at Aiwan-e-Sadr in Islamabad today and prayed to Allah Almighty to clear the world of the coronavirus pandemic.
The call for Salat e Tauba was given by the religious scholars during a meeting with the President on Thursday.
A delegation of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), led by its chairman, Dr. Qibla Ayaz, had held a meeting with President Dr. Arif Alvi on Thursday.
The Ulema gave various suggestions to deal with the situation. The meeting urged the people to resort to Allah to seek His blessing by offering two ‘rakat Salat-e-Tauba’ on Friday. The Ulema advised the people to seek forgiveness in individual prayers at their homes, which could help save the humanity from the current catastrophe.

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