Shahzad Arbab reinstated as PM’s advisor

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Im­ran Khan has made former bureaucrat Shahzad Arbab part of the federal cabinet once again by appointing him as Special Assistant to PM on Establishment, says a notification. He was removed from he post of Advisor to PM last week. According to media reports, Shahzad Arbab pointed out that when Prime Minister Imran Khan issued orders for this recent notification, he said that he wanted in­duction of Babar Awan to defend the government in the Parliament and for this purpose, Babar Awan should be appointed as advisor to Prime Minister. He said, lat­er, however, it was clubbed with the inquiry commis­sion on wheat and sugar. he said that the designations of some people were changed, and it was portrayed that I was removed. He said in his personal opinion, if it had to be handled professionally, there should have been two different orders simultane­ously for the Commission and relating to him as he had nothing to do with wheat and sugar. According to of­ficial sources, the PM had removed Shahzad Arbab from the post of Advisor to PM on Establishment after consultation with Arbab to adjust PTI senior leader Babar Awan in the Cabinet. They said Shahzad Arbab was considered close aide of PM but a senior bureau­crat and a technocrat were happy over his removal from the post. They said that the Secretary to PM Azam Khan was not happy with the per­formance of Shahzad Abrar and even he had served un­der Shahzad Arbab in KP­when he was posted as Chief Secretary there. The sources mentioned that Arbab has never given input, how to streamline the issues re­lated to bureaucracy during his last tenure at any rel­evant forum. Talking to The Nation, a senior bureaucrat said there was no need of any Advisor or Special Assis­tant to PM on Establishment Division in the presence of Secretary Establishment Division and Secretary to PM. He said Secretary Establishment Division always follows the instruc­tions of PM office through Secretary to PM about im­portant appointments. He said Secretary to PM pass­es directions to Secretary Establishment Division for reshuffle in bureaucracy.

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