PM says policies to be made for public, not elite

ISLAMABAD        –          Prime Minister Imran Khan wished Ramadan to the countrymen late Friday night and said that the nation has largely been elite-centric in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, with no thought for daily wage earners as we sought a total lockdown.

“Ramazan Mubarak to Muslims across the world. We in Pakistan must use this holy month to ask Allah for forgiveness for neglecting the poor and vulnerable in our society,” PM Imran Khan tweeted. “We as a nation have been elite-centric in our policies, with no thought for these people, incl in the pandemic […] when we sought a total lockdown without thinking about the consequences for the daily wage earners, the street vendors, the labourers, all of whom face poverty & hunger for themselves & their families.”

“May Allah forgive us our sin of neglecting our dispossessed & poor citizens,” PM Imran stated.

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