Petition in LHC seeks steps to control hoarding, overpricing during Ramazan

LAHORE           –          A petition seeking action against hoarding and rising prices of essential commodities was filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC) by the Judicial Activism Panel that sought directives for the relevant authorities to bring down the prices and check hoarding in an effective manner as prices of essential food items went up with the advent of the fasting month of Ramazan.
The petition stated that prices of basic food items had gone up besides hoarding of goods to create shortages in markets. It said that a new law had been brought in by the provincial government to check overpricing and hoarding.
The petition said that the law had been ineffective, due to which prices of goods were skyrocketing, pleading with the high court to direct the authorities concerned to take measures in this regard.
Earlier, on April 22, the Punjab government had introduced an ordinance to curb hoarding of essential commodities and punish the perpetrators. Under the ordinance, hoarders, if found guilty, would face a fine and imprisonment of up to three years.
The ordinance stated that the items recovered from the hoarders would be auctioned and the deputy commissioners would be authorised to check the stock of items.

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