Corona menace

Until humanity finds a vaccine, social distancing remains the only way to combat the deadly Coronavirus and stop, or at least slow, the loss of precious human lives. It is understandable that the economy is important, but it does not displace the significance of human life. for now. Nations which are both disciplined and responsible can and have achieved success in curbing the spread of the virus. The government alone cannot make this happen. It shall only work if the people display civic sense and take the necessary precautions in a responsible manner. Under the immense pressure from businesses and people alike, our government eased the lockdown for Eid with guidelines emphasizing social distancing.

However, the people failed to observe the given precautions and the virus spread. People flocked in great numbers to shop for Eid, with total disregard for SOPs. The government alone can never be successful in mitigating the virus. Each and every citizen must do their part and act responsibly by following precautions. Similarly, politicians should also forego needless debating amongst themselves just to gain political mileage from the situation, and should declare a ceasefire to collectively ensure that we as a country stand united in the battle against the virus.





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