Russia to roll out facial recognition system named ‘Orwell’

ISLAMABAD           –          Tens of thousands of Russian schools will soon use a facial recognition technology called ‘Orwell’ to monitor children and teachers during school hours. The systems will be introduced to 43,000 schools across the country and are currently already being used in 1,600. Elvees Neotech, the company behind ‘Orwell’ says that the technology is designed for ‘automatic detection and classification of targets’ which includes identifying people as well as ‘situations.’ The name of the software appears to be a bizarre straight-faced reference to George Orwell, whose novel 1984 told of a dystopian future where government over-reach, and mass surveillance are the norm. On the company’s website, Elvees Neotech says that the software is capable of identifying crowds of people, when targets have crossed a preset boundary, and even specific license plates.

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