Researchers build sensor consisting of only 11 atoms

Islamabad-In theory, we can make electronic data processing much more efficient by switching to spintronics. Instead of using electrical signals, this technology makes use of magnetic signals to transmit data. Unfortunately, magnetism tends to get incredibly complicated, especially at the tiny scale of our computer chips. You could view a magnetic wave as millions of compass needles performing a complex collective dance.
Not only do the waves propagate extremely fast, causing them to vanish in mere nanoseconds, the tricky laws of quantum mechanics also allow them to travel in multiple directions at the same time. This makes them even more elusive. In order to still be able to study these rapid oscillations, researchers from Delft University of Technology have developed a minuscule device.
Consisting of only eleven atoms, the device is equipped with an antenna, a readout capability, a reset button, and a memory unit to store the measurement outcomes.
The central idea of the invention is that the device instantly detects a passing magnetic wave and remembers this information.A

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