Court summons Cynthia Ritchie in defamation case

ISLAMABAD            –        Islamabad Sessions Court yesterday issued summon for Cynthia Dawn Ritchie, a US national, to appear on July 13 in a fresh suit for recovery of damages on account of defamation filed by Senator Rehman Malik. 

Rehman Malik had filed a defamation suit of Rs 50 billion for the fake and fabricated allegations levelled against him by Cynthia Dawn Ritchie.  

The court has ordered Cynthia Richie to restrain from issuing any kind of statement and publishing any defamatory material against Senator Rehman Malik. It would be contempt of court if Cynthia Richie made any statement against Senator Rehman Malik despite the court orders. The court on 29 July, 2020 accepted Senator Rehman Malik’s claim of Rs 50 billion against Cynthia Richie.

Since the court has ordered restraining Cynthia Ritchie from publishing defamatory material against Senator Rehman Malik yet she in her tweets has not only repeated her allegations but also criticised the Pakistan judicial system, therefore, Senator Rehman Malik’s legal team had decided to file a contempt of court suit against her. 

The Sessions Court while admitting the defamation suit of Senator Rehman Malik on June 28 ordered that Cynthia Richie will not issue any statement against Senator Rehman Malik and barred her from publishing any material against him. 

Despite the court orders, Cynthia Richie has been making statements against Senator Rehman Malik on her twitter account. In her tweets, Cynthia Ritchie not only repeated her allegations against Senator Rehman Malik but also criticised the Pakistan’s judicial system. 

Cynthia Dawn Ritchie has committed contempt of court by violating the court order and raising questions about the judicial system, said a statement by Rehman Malik.

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