Japanese researchers create a ‘smart mask’

Islamabad-A Japanese technology company has developed a new Bluetooth-powered smart mask that uses a speaker to amplify a person’s voice.
Called ‘c-mask,’ the device can also covert a person’s speech into text and then translate it into eight different languages through a smartphone app. The mask was developed by Donut Robotics, which initially raised seven million yen, or around $260,000, to fund its development through the Japanese crowdfunding site Fundinno. Around 5,000 masks are currently planned to be produced and distributed in Japan this September, where they’ll retail for 3,980 yen, or around $37. The company will also charge an additional monthly subscription fee to access translation services, according to a report – though the exact pricing hasn’t been announced. The supported languages include English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

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