PIMS young doctors stage protest over non-increase in medical officers’ salaries

ISLAMABAD-Young Doctors Association (YDA) Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Monday started a protest at the hospital over non-increase in salaries of Medical Officers (MO).
The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) previous year had announced an increase in MOs’ salaries, however, still the implementation was pending and it increased the salaries of House Officers (HOs) and Post Graduate Trainees (PGT).
The YDA Islamabad Chapter head Dr. Fazal-e-Rabbi claimed that the administrative staff is getting four months extra pay while doctors are deprived of additional salaries and risk allowance during novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
He also said that the top administration has adopted discriminatory behaviour with the doctors as well by not increasing salaries of all cadres across the board.
He said that the doctors must be given additional salaries and risk allowance as well. He also added that sweepers and paramedics working in emergency have been given nothing.
Dr. Fazal-e-Rabbi said that increase of salaries was promised by Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) Dr. Zafar Mirza last year but the decision has not been implemented.
He said that along with additional salaries, the disbursement of arrears should be also ensured. Doctors on protest said that a group of YDA held a meeting with parliamentary secretary for NHS Nausheen Hamid and non-cooperation of hospital administration was discussed with her.
Protesting doctors said that the matter of increment in salaries is pending since September 2019 in finance department and hospital top administration is responsible for it.
“Doctors are fighting with pandemic and PIMS itself is catering huge influx of patients,” said Dr. Fazal-e-Rabbi. He said in this situation doctors are forced to start protest for their salaries.
Earlier, the ministry raised the salaries of HOs and PGs which is appreciable but decision regarding MOs salaries should be also implemented.
The notification was issued by the ministry in the month of January regarding enhancement of stipends for Under Training Post Graduate residents and House Officers.
The Accountant General of Pakistan last week approved the enhancement of salaries.

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