Unnecessary Politicisation

It is perfectly justified for members of the opposition to be displeased by the government’s move to bring in an ordinance on the Jadav case without consulting political opponents across the board. Ruling through ordinances has already been discussed at length; sidestepping the parliament for important issues denies the voice of those that place their trust in representatives that do not sit on the treasury benches.

However, levying accusations such as the ones being thrown around by PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari are another thing entirely. The government is not ‘facilitating’ Kulbhushan Yadav, it is merely making sure that Pakistan covers all of its bases in a case that cohesively proves state-sponsored terrorism in our country at the behest of India. This is the cold hard evidence that was needed for years to turn the tide against India in the international community; a country that has consistently maligned Pakistan has been caught red-handed.

Pakistan allowing uninterrupted consular access to Yadav through multiple meetings is based on the same line of reasoning as when we allow for UN missions to visit Azad Kashmir or the Line of Control—in the interest of transparency. This makes all Indian allegations on this matter completely toothless.

No party should use this issue to gain political mileage. Using national sentiment as ammunition against opponents is never wise in the political sphere, it becomes even worse when an enemy spy is concerned—this is something we must all stand united on.

It is also ironic that the party which has always fought for rights is now opposing the government’s move to not rush at the opportunity to become an executioner. The government is doing the right thing by taking its time to ensure that the international community is completely satisfied over this case. No amount of criticism should make the ruling party change its course now.

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