US Energy Department rolls out 10-year plan for QUANTUM INTERNET

ISLAMABAD     –     The US Energy Department says it plans to build a quantum internet that uses entangled particle to almost instantly and securely transmit data across a fiber optic network. In a press conference recently, the agency described its vision of a prototype quantum network that it says could be completed within 10 years. The proposed network would utilize entangled particles to transmit data almost instantly and has already been prototyped by a team at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. In February scientists from the Department of Energy (DOE) in Lemont, Illinois, and the University of Chicago entangled photons across a 52-mile ‘quantum loop.’ They were successfully able to establish one of the longest land-based quantum networks in the nation.

 That network will soon be connected to its Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois, to make a three-node, 80-mile testbed.

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