Reese Witherspoon kicks off 2020 in photos challenge

ISLAMABAD           –        Reese Witherspoon’s a-list pals declared she had ‘won the internet’ recently after she shared a hilarious meme. The Hollywood star managed to kick start a new viral challenge after using some of her most famous roles to depict each month of 2020. Taking snaps from her movies Legally Blonde and Wild as well as recent TV smash Little Fires Everywhere, Reese’s meme prompted her fellow Hollywood stars to play along, showing how the global Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone’s life. Reese kicked off her depiction of the year with her most famous role – Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, full of excitement and optimism as she arrives at Harvard. But by March Elle has been replaced by Reece’s Big Little Lies character Madeline, representing the first news of COVID-19. 

The year’s mood quickly descends, perfectly shown by the actress’ character in Wild.

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