Ufone joins hands with KhanaGhar to provide relief to flood affected communities in Karachi

ISLAMABAD-Ufone’s brand ambassador and founder of KhanaGhar, Parveen Saeed pledged to provide cooked meals to the people of Surjani Town and Yousuf Goth who have been worst affected by the heavy rainfall in Karachi. To amplify the impact of this noble gesture, Pakistani telecom company, Ufone has decided to further give out cooked meals and provide clean drinking water to the residents of the area. 
Torrential rainfall in Karachi has wreaked havoc in Surjani town and Yousuf Goth, thousands of people have lost their homes and are deprived of basic amenities. People are facing extreme shortage of food supplies and clean drinking water. Additionally, the prolonged power outage has increased the problems for the citizens. Scores of families in Karachi’s Surjani Town and Yousuf Goth were forced to relocate due to the massive downpour. 
Leadin humanitarian, Parveen Saeed decided to step up in this situation and help people during desperate times. Saeed, who is also a resident of the area, provides subsidized food to the low income group. To commend these inspirational efforts, Ufone lended support to Parveen Saeed and decided to back her endeavour of feeding the needy. 
Ufone Head of PR and CSR Amir Pasha said, “Ufone realizes the pain of the people in Karachi. This is an unprecedented situation and millions suffer from heavy rainfall in the metropolis. The need of the hour is to support each other and stand with each other. People like Parveen Saeed are the real heroes of the nation as they never shy away from helping their fellow citizens. We shall lend all sorts of support to her efforts so that maximum number of people can be benefitted.” 
Parveen Saeed extended her gratitude to Ufone and said, “The situation is extremely bad in Surjani Town and Yousuf Goth, people are unable to find food and feed their families. KhanaGhar is trying to ensure that no one has to sleep hungry. I am grateful to Ufone for their usual support to KhanaGhar with their help we shall now further expand our efforts and reach out to more people.” 
Through this unique initiative, Ufone has once again reflected its commitment to their slogan “Tum hi touho” because for Ufone the well-being, safety and happiness of Pakistanis is the most important factor. 

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