Law Admission Test  

The HEC LAT(Law Admission Test) was conducted by ETC on the 5th of September, 2020, with a morning and evening shift. This was the second test of the year 2020, as ETC schedules three tests per year for desired candidates. 

In comparison with all other previous tests of the year, 2018, 1019 and 2020, this was toughest among all conducted tests till today. As an aspirant, I will blame HEC for their very poor policy. Though I have attended it well, I fear that I might not get expecting results as per my struggle. It contained many mistakes, to which I will name a blunder; for instance, not a single question was related to Pakistan studies while the syllabus issued to students via mail or website included at least 10 questions from Pakistan studies. 

The second flaw was in the “General Knowledge” portion, which contained more questions from science rather than current affairs and crucial information. Nor did it include questions related to important facts and figures. Moreover, there was an absence of preposition or grammatical questions from the English portion. 

Overall, the test was prepared above the level of an intermediate student. It doesn’t mean that no one can clear it; surely, most of us might pass it out easily but, definitely, they would be those who expected a score above 90. In short, the pattern or the types of questions asked in all other past papers were not matching this year. 

Lastly, I on my personal behalf and on the behalf of every aspirant looks forward to the educational system and Chairman HEC to review the syllabus and conduct ahead further to investigate and tackle this unprecedented issue.


Thari mirwah.

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