Fake respectability of women  

Sometimes I sit and wonder why I was quiet when I saw three boys attempting to rape a girl. Still, I was quiet when a college boy did it with a child in secong grade. I was silent when a male attempted to rape her cousin in the excuse of marrying her thereafter. All such heart-wrenching incidents happened in front of my eyes. Nevertheless, these have become a common practice in our society.

Back then, I thought it was the end thereafter, but today I sit and say it was nothing which I imagined earlier. Saddest of all, we find the worst rapists in the educational institutions such as schools, madrassahs, colleges and universities.

My hands shrunk as if someone took away my soul from my body when I got to know about the reality of such so-called teachers; it is very terrible getting to know teachers are indulged in such cases. When women are aggregated together to protest against such rapists, instead of supporting them, they blame protesters.

Then to our great misfortune, it is our so-called protectors who are included in the list of rapists who threaten the girls to be silent after raping them.

In Southern Pakistan, a 5-year old girl was raped, hit on her head and set on fire to burn the evidence. Five days later, a woman in the eastern part of the country was dragged from her car and sexually assaulted on a highway in front of her children.

It breaks me from inside out to highlight that such a terrible act happened in a country which was created in the name of Islam. Who to blame for such a miserable act; ourselves, state or her family?

The recent Gujranwala incident shook women in the entire state. We cannot concentrate which is the safest place for women in the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. Women are said to be very respectable in the country, but what do we do with a respect which cannot save us from getting raped on roadsides by force!

I condemned the profanatory act and ask the government to provide her with total and timely justice. If today she was subject to such victimization, other girls of the country are in severe timidity looking at the uncertain seriousness of the government towards punushing culprits ahead.



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