Sentencing brutality  

Cases of brutality continue to take place one after another. With every new morning, a novel story or incident is in the queue to cause outrage. A mother of two became the victim of a brutal incident in front of her children, though her identity has remained obscured by the police. Nonetheless, the question remains: when will this outcry stop?

One of the two suspects has been arrested in the rape case of the woman who was dragged down and attacked from the desolate highway, as stated by Central Punjab Province Police.

The Police in Pakistan has arrested 15 people believed to be linked to the rape. This incident is grasping the national outcry leading to higher demands of justice for such victims of physical abuse and violation.

The woman was attacked when her car broke down. Unidentified besiegers began to attack as the car stopped, they smashed the car window and dragged her down the field to rape her, making her children watch the whole incident, and also rob the cash and jewellery that she might have left in the car.

Even though, none of the 15 suspects arrested confessed to being a part of the gang; whereas, on the contrary, the provincial police stated that there was no police deployed on the newly constructed highway for public safety and that they are soon to instigate those duties.

As the news spread, Chief of Police, Umar Shaikh pronounced an insensitive statement which ultimately blamed the woman for not checking the fuel before she left, and he asked why she left alone without a male adult, and why she did not choose the GT road. This statement was subjected to national outrage.

“Such statements from people in charge should start with an apology in failing to protect citizens of Pakistan,” said Khadija Siddiqui, an activist and lawyer.

“For an officer to effectively blame a woman for being gang-raped by saying she should have taken the GT Road or question as to why she went out in the night with her children is unacceptable and have taken up this issue. Nothing can ever rationalise the crime of rape. That’s it,” tweeted Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan pronounced that it is the government’s responsibility to make sure that all the streets, motorways, highways, and roads are safe and appropriately allocated to men on duty. He further added, “If a case such as this takes place, it is also the government’s job to arrest the culprits and make them an example”.

The poor woman and her children have not only lost their valuables, but they have been deprived of peace forever. The public demands execution of the lethal rapist at the intersection.



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