Research in social sciences offers solutions to public problems: KU VC

KARACHI   –   Research distinguishes the academic identity of any institution and we have to provide the favorable learning environment in this regard. Societies that do not encourage research and development lose the ability of invention and they also fail to grow. These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor (VC) University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi on Tuesday while talking to faculty members and heads of various departments of arts and social sciences faculty. There is no denying the usefulness of the social sciences in the present age. Research in the social sciences offers solutions to public problems, including our social, societal, and economic problems, for which the research trend should increase, he maintained. While appreciating the efforts of the Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the faculty members on the inclusion of three research journals of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the Y category, he said that the inclusion of research journals in the higher category was a testament to research activities in universities. He observed that despite that having high-quality standards at the University of Karachi, our researchers were unable to present their research in the way they should be due to some technical reasons, which made their work less visible on the international scene.  He informed the participants that the administration was taking serious steps to solve this problem and hoped that it would produce better results in the future.

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