US Presidential Elections 2020

As the race for US Presidential Elections 2020 enters a very important phase, President Donald Trump’s fears increase with each passing moment, as his fiasco on the domestic as well as foreign fronts will be the sole reason for a potential bitter defeat in the upcoming Presidential Elections.
President Donald Trump has miserably failed to deliver the desired output in his four-year term; his anti-Afro American tirade, incompetence and lack of seriousness regarding the alarming Covid-19 pandemic stand out in particular.
He was even noticed making fun of the virus; that it will do any harm until the situation became grim with each passing day.
The death toll from the pandemic has already surpassed 200000 and millions are still infected with the virus and with more casualties feared as the winter sets in America. The infection ratio is likely to go up due to cold weather throughout the world.
Trumps’ flawed pandemic policies cost precious lives but he levelled serious allegations against his arch-rival China for spreading the pandemic and even terming it the “Wuhan virus”, crossing all the limits of sensibility to understand the gravity of the issue. His delayed response towards the pandemic made the situations even worse.
On the other hand, the vice president nominee for democrats, Kamala Harris may increase the chances of Joe Biden’s historical win in the upcoming US Presidential Elections 2020 as she represents the Afro-American community. This will further the support of Joe Biden from the huge Black community that is already antagonistic towards Donald Trump due to his racial comments as well as incidents of sheer violation of human rights.
Joe Biden extends full support to the “Black Lives Matter Initiative” and the campaign for George Floyd who was brutally murdered by the Police. He even supports vulnerable expats and the Muslim community in the USA. The Muslim community has been the most affected due to Trump’s immigration policies and restrictions.
Trump has wreaked havoc on various issues, especially foreign policy and is triggering a trade war with China that prompted Trump to level serious allegations for spreading the virus and ban the Chinese telecom giant, Huawei.
President Trump was heavily criticised when he cut off funding for the World Health Organisation, primarily dealing with health-related issues. It was a big surprise for all who are social workers; why did he stop funding for the UN Agency amid a soaring pandemic situation worldwide which seemed like a very insensible decision at the time of emergency.
The situation is changing with each passing day as Donald Trump’s impatience during the Presidential debate against Joe Biden ruined his popularity graph as he interrupted his opponent between the responses from Democrat candidate Joe Biden.
The moderator of the debate was compelled to request Donald Trump for not interrupting and letting the opponent clear his viewpoint but he repeated practice.
The debate earned the highest ranking for Joe Biden and even the recent debate between Vice President candidates Democrat Kamala Harris and Republican Mike Pence was also fiery as Kamala Harris talked confidently and openly while Mike Pence, despite being in Government could not devise a fair response as per the analysis and viewpoint of political pundits and opinion writers of reputed media houses and notable newspapers of the US and UK.
Credit will certainly go to President Donald Trump for signing a Peace Deal with the Afghan Taliban with the help of Pakistan. Pakistan was requested to bring the Taliban to the negotiating Table. Though the deal has been signed, the chances of an intra-Afghan Dialogue are slim as India is prying in the affairs of Afghanistan over the fear of Taliban coming into power.
The signing of the UAE and Israel deal may also benefit him in elections but the opinions based on his overall performance of four years project a bleak picture, thinning his chances of getting re-elected for another four years. But unlike 2016, upsets may take place due to surprise wins in the swing states which always turn the direction of graphs as the behaviour of people cannot be predicted accurately.
The toughest contest is expected to take place in Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania as political history unfolds such battlegrounds in these states since these states may change the numbers in anybody’s favour; either Biden or Donald Trump.
In addition to the above swing states, a new state comes into play—Arizona—which will also turn the picture topsy turvy and may prove the prediction of various columnists, analysts and observers wrong with the shocking outcome of results as they start pouring in on 3rd November and afterwards.
There were some rumours that Trump may refuse to leave the White House if he loses or may challenge the poll results if they go against his favour.
These are just fears and illusions as no such thing will happen, given the strong legislative system in place in the USA. Even polls cannot be postponed with any Executive Order passed by Presidents.
The statistics, predictions, surveys and analysis, at the moment is going in Joe Biden’ favour to win US Presidential Election with a landslide victory. All countries are watching the US elections to re-align their diplomatic relations with the US, if Joe Biden makes his way to the White House.

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