Eco-friendly initiatives and Park View City

Islamabad is known for its greenery and modern infrastructure. Every Pakistani dreams of a house in a place like Islamabad. 

This is where Park View City Islamabad comes in. Park View City Islamabad is a CDA approved housing project located in the heart of Islamabad. Park View City will have one of the unique commercial hubs called Downtown Islamabad. 

The downtown will have a 100 kanal lake in its center. Park View City has been designed in a way so that residents could enjoy the blend of nature and urban living. 

Park View City being a pioneer on environmental policies in real estate has always been the first to introduce innovation. 

Keeping the environmental aspects and climate change in mind, Park View City has come up with eco-friendly initiatives for its housing project. A team of environment specialists are hired to assess the environment. 


As Pakistan joins the plantation drive and launched its own campaign Plant4Pakistan, Park View City has also decided to join the campaign. According to 2017 report by United Nations, every country land must have 25% plantation while Pakistan has less than 3% plantation on its land. According to global climate risk index, Pakistan ranks at 5th in long term climate change effect. 

Park View City extensively planted trees to improve the overall climate and add beauty to society. The estimated number of plants is around 150,000 in Park View City Islamabad. For slope stabilisation alone, more than 30,000 trees have been planted. Fruit trees like orange, apricot, fig, apple and many more have been planted in the society. 

Solar Energy:

The world is moving towards renewable energies. Eco-friendly energy sources are the future. We are seeing a rise in electric vehicles and a paradigm shift in thinking of people regarding fossil fuels and eco-friendly energy sources. The solar potential is estimated to be over 100,000 MW. Park View City Islamabad has powered its site office with solar energy with 370 solar panels providing 150 Kw of electric supply. 

As Pakistan plans to replace 30% of public transport with electric cars, Park View City is the first to provide an Audi ETRON to one of its top performing partner which is an eco-friendly electric car. 

Water Management and Quality:

Water is life. Due to over population and pollution water has been affected badly. Most of the health problems are caused by unhygienic water supply. 

Park View City has an ideal PH Level (7.5) and zero E Coli bacteria. A single E Coli bacterium in water makes water non drinkable. Three bore wells have been installed to provide clean water to its residents. Two septic tanks have already been installed currently in society. 

Rain Harvest System: 

Pakistan is categorised as a water-scarce country because the yearly water availability is less than 1,000 cubic meters per person. If it reaches 500 cubic meters, it will become a country that is absolute scarce of water by 2025.  Currently two sites have been identified for installation of storm drainage tanks. A special filtration system will filter out water and bring it down to water table. A network of small lakes and ponds will also help recycle the water and provide good drainage system. 

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