SpaceX’s Starship fires up its raptor engines in second test

ISLAMABAD  –  SpaceX is one step closer to launching its Starship SN8 prototype 50,000 feet into the sky. The Elon Musk-owned firm fired the rocket’s raptor engines for the second time during a static fire test at the company’s Texas facility. SN8’s engines ignited, releasing debris, orange smoke and flames from the base that lit up the night sky around 7:10pm ET evening. After the fire died down, spectators could hear the roar of the raptor engines before the rocket shut down for the night. This prototype is the first of SpaceX’s to take its first test flight with the attached nosecone at the top, suggesting Musk could soon send one of the massive rockets into space. Recent’s test marks the eight successful static fire tests for the raptor engines to date, however it is the second attempt for SN8. The initial event took place, but was scrubbed with minutes left. However, recent was a success, as SpaceX was able to complete all the tasks leading up to the static fire. One of the three raptor engines ignited first, followed by the other two seconds later.

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