World to witness four eclipse in 2021, none of them to be visible in Pakistan

HYDERABAD – The year 2021 will witness four eclipses but no eclipse will be seen from Pakistan.

According to details, the first would be a total lunar eclipse fall on May 26 which will be visible over South/East Asia, Australia, much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, and Antarctica. The second would be an annular solar eclipse on June 10 which would fall on much of Europe and Asia, North/West Africa, much of North America, Atlantic, and the Arctic.

The third one is a partial lunar eclipse falling on the night between November 18 and 19 which would be seen over much of Europe and Asia, North/ West Africa, North and South America, Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans, and the Arctic.

While the fourth will be a total solar eclipse on December 4 and it will be visible in the south of Australia, Africa, and South America, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, and Antarctica.

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