Massive power outage in several cities across Pakistan

A massive power outage has been reported from several cities across Pakistan on Saturday night.

The power outage was reported shortly before midnight almost simultaneously in many cities.

According to details, the cities facing disruption include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Kasur.

Initially, the reason for the breakdown was not immediately clear.

Recently, the Ministry of Energy stated on Twitter that the blackout was caused after the frequency in the national power distribution system suddenly fell from 50 to zero.

The ministry’s Twitter states, “The reason for the frequency dropping was being investigated, adding that attempts were being made to fire up the Tarbela power station which will lead to a sequential restoration of power supply.

“People are urged to remain patient,” it wrote.

“All technical teams had reached their respective stations, citizens would be kept updated on the restoration efforts periodically,” the tweet said.

Meanwhile, Special assistant to the prime minister Shahbaz Gill said that the energy minister, Ayub, and his entire team were working on the issue. He said citizens would be updated on the situation soon.

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