A hug with Modi now endangers peace

India has become the largest modern day Roman amphitheatre where minorities, mostly Muslims and Dalits, are mocked and eviscerated mentally and physically. Amidst loud chants of Bharat Mata ki Jai (Victory for Mother India) and Jai Sri Ram (Glory to Lord Rama), the victims are put to death with brutal torture. In fact, even nuns and pregnant women are not spared in this gruesome BJP political arena.
The Indian amphitheatre smells of human flesh and sounds like victims crying for help. Every street in the kingdom of Sri Ram, from Kashmir to Delhi, smells of human flesh and blood. The images of Muslim property looted and burnt in Delhi have faded away in the media, thanks to the new front the BJP has opened with the Sikh farmers.
A fake surgical strike across the border or the instigation of a Shia-Sunni massacre in Pakistan is a known strategy in Modi’s political book which is aimed at diverting attention from his failures. Pakistan-bashing and the killing of minorities is Modi’s shortcut to success. The Hindu goons, groomed under RSS ideology, show no mercy. Men, women and children are thrown off running trains, burnt alive and raped on the pretext of violating BJP-introduced laws of respecting cows or loving jihad. No wonder the educated Hindus claim that cows and monkeys enjoy more rights than the Muslims and Dalit minorities do.
The UP government run by BJP’s priest, Yogi Adyanath, is a perfect example of the Hindu Taliban who is following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler. Yogi’s gangs are following the laws of purification and converting Christians or Muslims to Hinduism.
Adityanath, who has been to jail for serious crimes including murder, is Modi’s right-hand man. He was released from jail due to political backing. NHRC and UN experts based in India reported 59 cases of extrajudicial killings of minorities in fake encounters. Instigating Hindu mobs by hate speech, Yogi endorsed raping Muslims in public by saying, “Hindu audiences should dig graves of Muslim women and rape their corpses”. Yogi’s threats were not confined to ordinary Muslims, but he also threatened Bollywood’s Muslim actors.
Their cheap labour industry is run by the sweat of Muslim and Dalits. 250 million India avoids discussion on world forums claiming that such matters are internal affairs or family affairs. Instead, it ensures a ready supply of cheap labour by refusing to implement laws to protect minorities. Devadasi and Jogini systems are a form of religiously sanctioned sexual abuse. Originally a sacred and religious practice, the Devadasi dedication of girls to temples has turned into a systematic abuse of Dalit girls serving as prostitutes for the dominant community members. According to a prestigious India based human rights NGO, most girls and women working in urban brothels come from the Dalits or other minority communities.
A survey by the Thomas Reuters Foundation in 2018 ranked India as the most dangerous country for women in the world with 88 rapes per day and a conviction rate of a mere 30 percent. Most of the incidences of rape, especially of those belonging to the Dalit minority, are reported in Hindu temples, while upper class Hindu women report instances in unthinkable public places like moving buses, taxis, parks and picnic resorts. India’s National Crime Record Bureau, in its 2019 report, claimed that a rape case occurs every 16 minutes. BJP’s failure to address or rectify the situation has created fear among the minorities with Muslim parents refusing to send their daughters to schools mostly located in dense Hindu populations.
Is India shining or it is stinking with shame? Modi earned condemnation for the involvement in the killing and burning of Muslim properties in Delhi as well as the closing down of operations by Amnesty International (AI). The European Parliament’s subcommittee on human rights warned India against targeting religious minorities. It urged Modi to meet his pledge to promote and protect human rights. Maria Arena, the chief of the EU’s human rights panel, said the protests over the Citizenship Act led to arbitrary detentions and an unnecessary loss of life. She further highlighted that journalists and peaceful critics were being arrested under the draconian counterterrorism and sedition laws. AI reported that members of the police were part of the gang that rampaged Muslim properties and killed 53 peopel. More were killed when Doval visited the area. Many including Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Homi K. Bhabha, Arundhati Roy, Irfan Habib and more, expressed concerns at the arrest of democratic voices in India.
If the butcher of Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan can be honoured with a Nobel peace prize to wash the bloodstains on his hands, the days are not far when Modi will want one too and shockingly, he might succeed in getting one. He is the butcher of Gujarat. Once condemned and refused a visa by the international community for the state massacre of 2,500 Muslims, Modi was later hugged and praised as a champion of democracy. Such ground has been given to him that now, he is asking for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. This will be a harder task to achieve than awarding Modi a Peace prize for legislating law and creating an environment conducive for killing Muslims.
Launching expensive space missions to Mars while 50 percent of the population defecates in open air and lacks clean drinking water, India will soon bend to a breaking point. The largest number of farmers committing suicide is not based in China or the US, but in India. Modi is at war with the people who feed India. The country under him is on a dangerous move, all the symptoms point to a lurking danger of a serious crisis. Economic failures combined with the aftereffects of the pandemic are bound to compel Hindus to flog and kill its minorities. The Muslims being the weakest, will be the easiest target of Hindu fanatics.
A surgical strike across the LoC would be very expensive and painful, so Modi might do it the cheap way by killing the Muslims in Delhi and Kashmir. His Hindutva philosophy as well as his anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan propaganda is a dangerous fire that could flare into a damaging nuclear war—one that could freeze and end our world as we see it today.

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